We generate carbon-free value-added energy, using Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) systems, which substitute fossil fuels hence saving CO2.


It is estimated that somewhere between 20 to 50% of industrial energy input is lost as waste heat in the form of hot exhaust gases, cooling water, and heat lost from hot equipment surfaces and heated products” according to US Department of Energy.

Therefore waste heat represents an enormous potential of available energy that is “already paid” for industry, and usually dumped into the atmosphere without any valorization. Even worse is that very often supplementary parasitic energy is required to cool down waste heat before filtering flue gases.

Seramic Energy is developing a customized Waste Heat Recovery system for installation directly on the client’s site.

This carbon–free energy can be re-injected in the industrial process as:





Capital Investment

No investment from you, we will provide the complete financing to develop your WHR project

Technology Agnostic

We will chose the best technology adapted to your need, preserving your process integrity

Turnkey Solutions

No headache, we will take care of everything from the concept to the commissioning

Performance Contracting

We will guarantee savings

Carbon Saving

We will decarbonise your industry

Operation & Maintenance

We will operate and maintain the installation for you

Seramic Energy will propose a concrete green solution adapted to the real industrial’s needs to reduce its energy consumption and generate savings


Any exhaust gas stream in industry has the potential for significant and profitable Waste Heat Recovery (WHR), leading to utility bill savings. Seramic Energy develops turn-key WHR projects including the capital investment (if required), while remaining technology agnostic in order to choose the best solution adapted to your unique process and your needs. A WHR system will be designed, build and implemented on your site, and consequently carbon-free energy will be re-injected in your industrial process as: process-heat, cooling, or electricity. This energy will be sold back to you at a discounted rate to utility price hence creating savings from day one without any investment from you.

To assess your savings from your already paid heat source, Seramic Energy offers a free diagnostic without any commitment from your side. We know your time is precious, therefore this preliminary questionnaire will only require few minutes of your time.

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Once all required information has been collected, Seramic Energy will come back to you with a preliminary study. Then our team will meet with you to complete the technical energy audit and present a tailored solution integrated to your plant.